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Silicon leveling agnet
Polyether modified silicon leveling agent
Polyester modified silicon leveling agent
Reactive silicon leveling agent
Anti-graffiti silicon leveling agent
Touch silicon leveling agent
Silicon free leveling agent
Polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorine surfactant
Substrate wetting agent
Dispersing agent
Silicon defoamer
Silicon-free defoamer
Adhesion additive
anti-graffiti and easy-cleaning additive
Waterborne resins and emulsions
Silion defoamer
JIAZHI(R) Anti-icing hydrophobic resin
JIAZHI(R) Anti-graffiti resin
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Composition      Polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane with biterminal OH group
Appearance       slight yellowish clear liquid(paste at low temperature)
Solvent             ——
Density          1.01-1.05g/ml(25±1)℃
Viscosity         F-M(Bubble viscometer)(25±0.2)℃
Active substance 100%
Flash point        >100℃

Note: This datasheet is intended to give typical results, not standard.Subject to COA.

Application system

Solvent-based coating, PU synthetic leather


● Replace part polyether polyols to copolymerization with isocyanate when synthetic sizing agent. Improve softness, lubricating property and hydrophobicity of organic resin from structure. Improve hydrolytic stability of PUR. The coating effect is lasting. No migration problem of blending modification silicone.
● Higher solubility than normal silicon, not only can dissolve in water, alcohol system, but also can be used for oil system, even 10% addition.
● Improve smooth performance when add to synthetic fiber processing.


The additives can be incorporated directly ,or added to the resin after diluted with organic solvent or water. Pre-diluted to 20% in water-based.

Suggest addition

Addition to total formulation 0.05-0.5%

Modify resin(dosage to resin) 1-5%

Storage stability

Keep intact 24 months in original package.Products beyond the storage period may continue to be used after inspection. The container must be closed immediatelyafter use.


25KG / 180KG


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