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XOANONS® anti-graffiti and easy cleaning for water-based

Model number:XOANONS®9100

Composition:Modified polysiloxane copolymer Product introduction:

Product introduction: This product is an environmentally friendly water-based anti-fouling and easy-to-clean additive, which is made of advanced polymerization technology. WE-D9100 using self-emulsification process without emulsifier, with good water dispersion, can be diluted with deionized water infinity. It can be stored stably in the alkaline conditions , so the diluted resin and paint should be stored under weak alkaline conditions. The pH can be adjusted using organic amines, and the viscosity of the resin solution will increase with the increasing pH.

9100 resin could cross-linking by high temperature together with water-based amino resin. After cross-linking, film has excellent wear resistance, hardness, flexibility, high gloss, high fullness, water resistance and excellent stability, can be widely used in various types of high-grade amino paint.

Application system:Water soluble acrylic amino baking paint system

Suggested addition(to total formulation):≥5%


Appearance Slightly yellow translucent liquid
Solvent Isopropyl alcohol / diethylene glycol butyl ether / water
Density(g/ml) 1.01-1.05
Content (%)  54±2
Viscosity(mPa·s) 800-3000
Hydroxyl value(mgKOH/g) 78±5(theoretical value of solid resin )

Property and advantage:

Model number Property and advantage
WE-D9100 Improve slip, hydrophobic and oleophobic performance. Mark pen can be wiped repeatedly. Improve solvent-resistance wiping performance. Provide lotus effect. Applicable deal with oil pollution and easy to clean in mental surface.

Storage and Package:
1. Storage: Should store in cool and dry place. Storage temperature should be 5-35 ℃, keep the packaging integrity. Shelf life is 12 months. If over 12 months, it still can be used after pass the performance assessment. This product should be strictly protected from frost. It is recommended one-time run out once open the package.
2. Package: 25KG 50KG 200KG
The container should be closed tightly before completely use up.

Application recommendations

Recommended formula of varnish

Raw material  Proportion%
9100 (add as 54% content) 60
Amino resin (OS 303-80)  10
Ethylene glycol butyl ether  6.5
Water 21.3
Acid catalyst 0.5
50% WT-105A 1
Wetting agent (XOANONS®WE-D547)  0.2
Leveling agent (XOANONS®WE-D881R) 0.3
Defoamer (XOANONS®WE-D9904)  0.2
Total  100

Recommended formula of high gloss white paint

Grinding stage Raw material  Proportion%
9100 (add as 54% content) 46.3
Titanium Dioxide 25
Waterborne Dispersant 0.5
Ethylene glycol butyl ether  3
Water 10
Defoamer (XOANONS®WE-D9904)  0.2
Additional add Amino resin (OS 303-80) 7.6
Acid catalyst 0.5
Wetting agent (XOANONS®WE-D547)  0.2
Leveling agent (XOANONS®WE-D881R) 0.3
Ethylene glycol butyl ether  1.4
Water 5
  Total  100


1. Preparation according to above formula, an appropriate amount of organic amine needed to adjust PH value to 8-8.5.
2. Above varnish has better anti-fouling effect. Due to the impact of pigment, anti-fouling performance in the white paint will be reduced.

Construction conditions: baking 30min at 150 ℃ or baking 90s at 210 ℃. If have higher requirements of anti-fouling and solvent-resistant wiping, can increase baking temperature or extend the baking time.


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