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Anhui Xoanons Chemical Co.,Ltd.


XOANONS has been listed in NEEQ. Stock abbreviation: XOANONS,Ticker symbol: 831654


ANHUI XOANONS CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. has been list in NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and QUotation) officially today, who is not only the first listed company in Chizhou city, but also in the coating/paints industry of additives.

In September,2011, Anhui Xoanons Chemical Co.,Ltd.has been reorganized and located in Dongzhi Economic Development Zone, Chizhou City, Anhui Province. It has occupied 22000 square meters, with a construction area of 6000 square meters at first-stage project. Accoding to its plan, the area will expand to 40000 square meters with a construction area of 20000 square meters at second-phase project.

Our company is a R&D manufacture of additives for coating/paints and ink with brand “信诺®” and “XOANONS®”, providing leveling agent, substrate wetting agent, dispersants, defoamings, adhesion additives, anti-graffiti additives and etc.

Leveling agent is company’s key product, including polyether, polyester and aralkyl modified silicon leveling agent. And silicon free leveling agents contains polyacrylate, flurocarbon modified polyacrylate leveling agent and fluorine surfactant. Anti-graffiti leveling agent is company’s specialty product, contains anti-graffiti additives which reacted from solvent type anti-graffiti coating modified polydimethyl siloxane resin and silicon modified polyacrylate with hydroxy group. Application area includes coatings/paints, ink, artificial leather and etc.,such as automotive, household electirc appliance and furniture paints/coating.

In 2013 company was officially recognized as the National High-tech Enterprise. Company has a number of awards, such as “Chizhou Enterprise Technology Center”, “Chizhou Innovative pilot enterprises”, “Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, as well as three "High-tech Products Certificate", three "Anhui new product certificate" and one "Anhui key new product certificate".In October of 2013, the company was awarded the "Anhui province specialization new enterprise". In August,2014, president Mr.Chen Yongkang was awarded as "leading talent of strategic emerging industry technology" in Anhui Province.

XAONONS has 7 national invention patents, which are all have realized industrialization. We will take part in MECS2015 in Dubai, and ECS2015 in Nuremberg. 

Stock abbreviation: XOANONS,Ticker symbol: 831654


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