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performance evaluation of XOANONS(R)WE-D815

1.Foam-inhibition & defoaming in hydroxyl acrylic varnish
ITEM Foam-inhibition Defoaming Compatibility
Similarproduct 2 2 3
XOANONS(R)WE-D815 3 3 2
ITEM 100ms 111ms 125ms 143ms 167ms 200ms 250ms 333ms 500ms 1000ms
Similarproduct 47.6 45.5 43.0 41.1 40.0 39.1 38.0 37.2 35.6 34.0
XOANONS(R)WE-D815 46.3 45.1 42.8 41.0 39.8 38.3 37.5 35.4 34.1 33.1

Dynamic surface tension(DST) measured by bubble tensiometer is a symbolic application data of additive activity in paint, which means the ability of additive
dissemination from liquid to paint surface. Lower value of DST, higher speed of leveling.
3.Wave-scan dual and gloss
Comment dudullness Wa0,1-0,3mm Wb0,3-1,0mm Wc1-3mm Wd3-10mm We10-30mm DOI 20° gloss 60° gloss 85° gloss
Similarproduct 41.4 12.2 26.4 39.2 36.6 32.1 73.1 79.0 91.5 94.4
XOANONS(R)WE-D815 39.3 11.8 24.8 38.3 36.4 31.2 74.5 78.9 91.4 94.4
long wave:1~30mm wave, can be watched in 3m distance. Lower value, better long wave leveling. short wave:0.1~1mm wave, can be watched in less than 3m distance.
Lower value, better short wave leveling. du value:Less than 0.1mm wave can not be watched by eyes. DOI value:distinctness of image, showing the clearance of
reflect gram. Higher value, better distinctness of image. The test dates provided by wave-scan dual reflect the effects of dry film leveling.


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