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performance evaluation of XOANONS(R)WE-D8920

1.Foam-inhibition & defoaming in varnish(addition to total formulation)
Item Foam-inhibition Defoaming Compatibility
Similarproduct 3 3 2
XOANONS(R)WE-D8920 3 3 3
Item Addition0.1% Addition0.3% Addition0.5% Addition0.8%
Similarproduct 26.325 25.542 25.433 25.367
XOANONS(R)WE-D8920 26.208 25.125 24.783 24.600
Static surface tension is a measurement of wetting and spreading ability on the solid surface at a balanced surface tension. Lower value of static surface tension,
higher performance of wetting and spreading.
Item 100ms 111ms 125ms 143ms 167ms 200ms 250ms 333ms 500ms 1000ms
Similarproduct 41.7 39.8 38.0 36.4 34.8 33.6 32.6 32.0 31.7 31.0
XOANONS(R)WE-D8920 40.6 39.1 38.1 36.5 35.0 33.8 32.8 32.2 31.9 31.2
Dynamic surface tension(DST) measured by bubble tensiometer is a symbolic application data of additive activity in paint, which means the ability of additive dissemination from liquid to paint surface. Lower value of DST, higher speed of leveling.
Comment dudullness Wa0,1-0,3mm Wb0,3-1,0mm Wc1-3mm Wd3-10mm We10-30mm DOI 20° gloss 60° gloss 85° gloss
Similarproduct 37.5 9.3 13.0 31.9 32.9 29.2 76.8 78.7 89.6 97.7
XOANONS(R)WE-D8920 36.9 58.6 11.8 31.0 31.8 28.6 77.3 79.3 90.6 98.0
long wave:1~30mm wave, can be watched in 3m distance. Lower value, better long wave leveling. short wave:0.1~1mm wave, can be watched in less than 3m distance. Lower value, better short wave leveling. du value:Less than 0.1mm wave can not be watched by eyes. DOI value:distinctness of image, showing the clearance of reflect gram. Higher value, better distinctness of image. The test dates provided by wave-scan dual reflect the effects of dry film leveling.


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